I'm New

I’m new, will I feel uncomfortable?

No. We are a friendly group! We may not be the prettiest, but we still believe in welcoming everyone to our church. We honestly want you to feel a part of our family here at Faith.


I don't have 'nice' church clothes, is that a problem?

No. We want you to feel comfortable. If that means jeans and a T-shirt or suit and tie, it is up to you. We want you to understand that we are a church that cares about people, not style.


I use to go to church, but it was dead. Is your church boring?

No. Our church is very much alive. We have relevant messages that help with every area of life. Our music is 21st century music mixed with classic hymns. Our services are geared for a family atmosphere, so don't worry.


I have children, will they have a place at Faith?

Yes. We believe in teaching children from nursery age to teenage about the love of Jesus Christ. Rest assured that your children will be taken care of in a safe environment and taught on their level. We love having your children in our service because we believe that it is the parent that sets the example. Your children will look at you and see you enjoying church and worship then they will learn the same.


I’m confused, What is “Free Will Baptist?”

This is a good question. Many people are confused about what we believe and teach at Faith. We are one of the most Biblically based denominations in the world. We believe that the Bible is our guidebook for life and that God directed many men to write one collection about God’s promise for mankind. We believe that God’s promise came in the form of Jesus Christ who was born of a virgin birth, died, and rose again. We believe that Jesus gave charge to the apostle’s to continue Jesus’ earthly ministry called the church. We further believe and teach that one day Jesus will return. For more detailed information about Free Will Baptists click here.


I started going to church awhile ago, but I felt all they wanted was my money. Is Faith like that?

No. We believe that the Bible teaches that a believer is to pay a tithe of their income to the church. However, our church is not all about finances. We believe in developing the whole spiritual person. It begins with Jesus, everything else comes later.


How long are the services?

Services generally last about an hour.


What should I expect when I first come to Faith?

Expect to be loved. You will find a group of people who love each other and want to love you too. Also, you should know that you will find Christ-followers who are here to teach timeless truths of the Bible. Expect to find a home.

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